What does an acoustical consultant do and what can he do for me?

In general, an acoustical consultant utilizes his expertise in the fields of acoustics, noise, and vibrations to make recommendations to clients. These recommendations could be made to solve existing problems or to ensure the success of new designs. Typical clients for most acoustical consultants include architects, contractors, business owners, and homeowners.

The benefit of hiring an acoustical consultant lies in his knowledge, experience, and motivation. As opposed to relying on limited personal knowledge, advice from friends or other “experts,” or vendors trying to sell their products, a good acoustical consultant will provide consultation services based on knowledge and experience and without bias. A good acoustical consultant is not trying to sell you his product, he is selling his expertise and knowledge and will use this expertise and knowledge to choose from a wide variety of options and products to recommend the best solution to fit each client’s specific needs.

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