Arpeggio works with architects, engineers, and owners who want to address acoustic concerns in the built environment. We provide acoustic consulting services specific to the needs of the client and the project. Our goal is to provide our clients with the expertise and guidance to make informed decisions about acoustic issues impacting their project.

Whether the project is in the design stages needing a review of potential acoustic issues or there is an existing noise issue requiring measurements, recommendations, or an expert opinion, we offer a variety of services based on our expertise and experience in acoustics. Bringing Arpeggio into a project in the design phase can actually save a designer and owner money when compared to redesigning or retrofitting a building after construction. The earlier we are brought in on a project the easier it is for acoustic elements to be implemented into the design. Acoustic solutions can be as basic as space planning or building orientation—easy to implement in the design phase.

Learn more about our specific acoustic consulting services—design, analysis, measurement, and expert testimony.

If you have specific questions about a project or acoustic issue, feel free to contact us directly.


We provide design services to optimize the architectural acoustics, noise control, and vibration issues of a project. We have the capability to develop complex prediction models of acoustic environments using EASE for interior spaces and SoundPLAN for environmental noise.

From schematic design to construction documents, we serve as a resource for the designer to avoid potential acoustic issues and to develop effective recommendations. The sooner we are brought into a project the easier it is for the acoustic issues to be addressed in a project.


We review existing architectural plans to provide recommendations with respect to acoustics. Our review process utilizes our experience in the building industry to address potential acoustical issues in the architectural, mechanical, electrical, and structural plans.


We use high-quality, laboratory calibrated equipment to conduct acoustic measurements of air-borne sound and structure-borne vibrations. We go on-site to assess the acoustic issues within the context of their environment. This approach allows us to perform an informed analysis of the situation and provide specific recommendations for the situation.

Expert Testimony

In instances where the acoustics have become a legal issue, we draw on our knowledge and expertise in acoustics to provide expert testimony. We have experience serving as expert witnesses in depositions and in trials.