About Us

Arpeggio works with architects, engineers, and owners who want to address acoustic concerns in the built environment. Arpeggio Acoustic Consulting, LLC, was established in 2000 and now comprises four principals. We draw upon a wealth of experience and expertise and offer more than 60 years of combined practice in all areas of acoustics including architectural acoustics, noise control, and vibration. Our consulting services provide a unique balance of creativity and analytical objectivity combined with a proactive and responsive management philosophy—positioning Arpeggio as a leader in its field.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Arpeggio is one of the largest acoustical consulting companies in the Southeast. We have developed a reputation of working with designers and owners who have requested our services to consult on projects throughout the United States. As members of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants (NCAC), we pride ourselves on providing unbiased recommendations based on professional knowledge and experience.